438ci SBF

750 HP Pump Fuel / 595 TQ
800 HP Race Fuel / 630 TQ

4.125 x4.100x6.25 with new canted XTC Avenger CNC head. Runs on 92 octane pump fuel
Block: Avenger / RPM 9.500 Siamese bore 4.125bore 3.75 main billet 1-5 main caps
Crank: Rpm 4340 forged nitrated 4.100 x 2.100 x 2.75 up to 1300hp
Rods: 6.25 pro I beam forged 4340 with 8740 7/16 ARP cap screws
Pistons: Race Tech or Ross 2618 alloy LT wt forged 4.125 FT piston
Rings: Pro moly 1.5 1.5 3mm lite wt low tension ring set
Balanced: Pro balanced to 1/2 gram
Bearings: Mich CL-77 / ACL trimetal race bearings.
Pan: Moroso/ PPP race oil pan 7-7 1/2 qt
Oil pump: melling racing oil pump.
Gasket set: Fel Pro graphite
Head gaskets: Victor MLS 4.155 x.040
Timing set: Progear 1/4 seamless tru roller
Timing cover: New Tc351e
Head studs: 8740 pp chromoly head stud kit
Heads: Avenger XTC CNC ported /Stage 3 ported 2.19/1.715 valve with 10deg retainers and solid roller springs.
Rockers: Pacific / roller rockers and stud girdles.
Valve covers: Cast alum FPS covers / Welded in oil fill / Two Breather stacks and K&N type breathers
Intake gaskets: PPP spec intake gaskets.
Bolts: Misc intake and pan bolts
FPS Sheet metal valley tray.
Balancer bolt: PP Billet 12pt
Balancer: Precision SFI Balancer
Intake: Edl Yates intake modified and stage 2 ported.
Carb: BG 850 mighty demon / option Quick Fuel l000cfm or Pro systems 1000cfm 4150.
Fuel log: Billet fuel log braided -8 an
Carb studs: ARP
Distributor: Billet PP/ ignition engineering. Recurved and set up for motor.
Plug wires: Taylor/ Moroso 8mm
Blue print & Balance
Cam: FPS Custom Solid roller
lifters CC/PP solid roller sbf lifters
Pushrods: Manley .080 wall 1pc moly
Spark Plugs:NGK Racing plugs
-12 water fittings welded in front of heads; water flow reduced

Price $12,699.99