About Us

At F-P-S, racing is about winning and we want you to win! We know what it’s like when you have questions regarding your ride or power combo and need to consult with an expert. So F-P-S staffs the best technical experts in the industry and makes them available to you, our customer. We can make certain the combination of components fits your intended application and budget — F-P-S has been building winning engine combinations and manufacturing related components for more than 20 years. From a long list of engine components, engine kits, short blocks, crate motors, to NASCAR engines and even blown alcohol hydroplanes, F-P-S has done it all. We have experience with all kinds of builds and are here to provide solid advice and recommendations.

We can keep it simple or go wild and everything in between. Some say our specialty is fabrication and custom builds. Probably because when required F-P-S can be very creative with its builds. Bottom line is we just love building engines and manufacturing kits and components. Most of our staff has been at F-P-S for over 10 years. That translates into consistency and quality.

But most of all at F-P-S we are racers too! If you need an engine or component for your Ford, contact F-P-S first. We will get you on track to win.

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F-P-S History
F-P-S started in a garage located in Anaheim, California back in 1989 under the name Pacific Performance Products designing, manufacturing, and selling Ford and Chevy performance engine components, engine kits and stroker kits mainly to the performance industry. Business grew steadily and in 1992 we bought a mail order company named Ford Performance Solutions (F-P-S). At that point the business split into two divisions: Pacific Performance Products focused on Chevy, while F-P-S handled Fords. Both companies have continued this way through today. As the business continued to grow customers started asking F-P-S to build engines. And so the engine building began and it exploded. The engine building led to racing support for drag racing teams, the NASCAR Southwest Tour, NASA road racing, off road truck racing, sand dragsters, swamp buggies, air boats, marine applications, and hydroplane boat racing. F-P-S also expanded its consulting and parts development for automotive performance manufacturers, notably in cylinder head port and chamber development. Around 1995 FPS began manufacturing its own line of Avenger Cylinder heads for both Chevy and Fords. When the economy tanked in 2008 FPS moved into alternative fuel development including E-85 and compressed natural gas (CNG) engines and conversions. With the economy coming back in many areas of the country, F-P-S continues to build street and race engines, manufacture components, and provide development consulting. After nearly 25 years, F-P-S and Pacific Performance Products continues to call Anaheim, California home, and at the same business location for 18 years.
Troy Bowen

About Founder and Owner, Troy Bowen
Troy Bowen says he has always been fascinated with engines. “If it had a piston and a rod I could make it better” says Troy about his early days building engines. Born and raised in Southern California in Anaheim, Troy remembers building his first engine, the family lawn mower, at 6 years old. At 8, Troy was racing go karts but found himself more interested in the engines than driving. At 11, he raced dirt bikes and built the engines for himself and friends. “I was a better engine builder than a racer. And I could make more horse power if I built my own engines” said Troy about his dirt bike days. It didn’t stop there. At 14 he rebuilt the 326 Pontiac engine in his dad’s car. Before he knew it Troy was building engines and cars for friends after school and on the weekends. During high school, Troy studied graphic design and art. And after high school, Troy attended Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and earned a degree in Business. He went to work for TRW as a West Coast sales rep for the aftermarket division. Troy eventually started his own business designing and selling engine components.

Troy has spent his entire life in Southern California and loves his business and customers. His creative side really shows with some of his engine builds and fabrications. His experience at TRW provides the technical insight and knowledge invaluable to any engine builder. Troy's friends and long list of satisfied customers say Troy's history of engine building and fascination with making power in a reliable package is second to none!

News and Views

408ci Small Block Ford Engine 550 HP Build
(June 2010, Stang TV) FPS owner Troy Bowen uses his years of engine building experience and got in touch with the industry leaders to come up with a engine combination that would make 550+ hp, run on pump gas, and be fully streetable — all without breaking the bank.
CNC Porting Video: Avenger Cylinder Heads
(June 2010, Stang TV) CNC porting is hands down the most cost-effective way to port and polish your heads. One company that we’ve been working with for some time now is Ford Performance Solutions / Avenger Cylinder heads. Owner Troy Bowen has helped us with a few engine builds, and we decided to take a little closer look at his CNC-ported heads, branded under the “Avenger” name – in return. Enjoy!